Since 1997, with the establishment of her original interiors business "Dar Al Andalus" in the South of Spain, Nezha Kanouni has earned ample recognition for her interior design work.  Developing comprehensive interior design projects for a demanding international clientele, Kanouni's distinct style infuses contemporary lines with a subtle air of colonial and ethnic touches, successfully marrying design and functionality with flair and comfort.

NEZHA KANOUNI Interior Design works with top international brands, some of which in exclusivity  such as Hervet Manufacturier, Ames and Imperfetto Lab, among others, with an ample display in two large showrooms in Estepona and Marbella.

In addition to the worlds leading brands the studio has also launched its inhouse collection NK, and is able to offer custom furniture design making it possible to offer made to measure designs to the clients specific requirements.

In the field of International Contract and Product Sourcing Nezha Kanouni's client base includes international and luxury hotels and corporate entities. Her expertise in this field has allowed her to respond to a wide range of furnishing requests that have been successfully fulfilled over the years.